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CFPB Report: 2013-AE-C-011 August 26, 2013

Opportunities Exist to Enhance the CFPB's Policies, Procedures, and Monitoring Activities for Conferences

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Summary of Recommendations, OIG Report No. 2013-AE-C-011

Rec. no. Report page no. Recommendation Responsible office
1 6 Update policies and procedures to accurately reflect the current processes for conference coordination and approval. Updates should
  • define the title, level, or position of individuals authorized to coordinate and approve conferences.
  • clarify the procedures for all conference acquisition approaches, including the Bureau of Public Debt's Administrative Resource Center.
Office of the Chief Financial Officer
2 6 Periodically review and update existing policies and procedures related to conferences to ensure that they are consistent with each other and with current practices. Office of the Chief Financial Officer
3 8 Amend the Non-Academic External Training and Education Policy to require that the Office of Human Capital conduct monthly reviews to ensure the receipt of training certificates and affidavits. Office of Human Capital
4 9 Follow up with conference attendees and supervisors to obtain outstanding documentation. Office of Human Capital