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Oversight Areas

Supervision and Regulation

The Supervision and Regulation section conducts audits and evaluations of the Board's and the CFPB's supervisory programs to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of those programs. Our projects assess whether the programs operate consistently with applicable laws, regulations, and other standards, including supervisory guidance, examination manuals, or management's expectations documented in policies and procedures.

Management and Operations

The Management and Operations section is responsible for performance audit and evaluation activities related to improving the operational components of the Board and the CFPB. This section assesses and makes recommendations to promote economy, efficiency, and effectiveness in the management of each agency's operations and in the administration of management and strategic programs. The section also ensures the agencies' compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Financial Management and Internal Controls

The Financial Management and Internal Controls section is responsible for conducting audits and evaluations related to the planning, controlling, and reporting of the Board's and the CFPB's financial resources as well as the plans, methods, policies, and procedures used to meet each agency's mission, strategic plan, goals, and objectives. The section's focus includes, but is not limited to, ensuring the reliability, timeliness, and transparency of internal and external financial and nonfinancial reporting; ensuring the safeguarding of assets; and ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Information Technology Audits

The Information Technology Audits section within the Office of Information Technology is responsible for conducting audits of the economy, efficiency, effectiveness, and security of the Board's and the CFPB's information technology programs and systems; developing data analytics approaches and methodologies to support OIG audits and investigations; and maintaining an efficient and economical information technology infrastructure to support all OIG operations and employees.


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Audit Reports

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