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Case Highlights

The following are highlights of our work during the April 1, 2016–September 30, 2016 semiannual reporting period. Closed investigative reports are not made public and are subject to disclosure in accordance with applicable law. However, significant investigative results and other investigative statistics are reported in our Semiannual Report to Congress, as required by statute.


Former Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco Examiner Sentenced. A former Federal Reserve Bank examiner was sentenced to time served, one year of supervised release, 200 hours of community service, and a $4,000 fine for four counts of making false statements within the jurisdiction of two different federal agencies—the Board and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Former Employee at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Sentenced. A Senior Supervision Analyst at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago was sentenced to six months' home confinement, two years' probation, and a $20,000 fine after admitting to stealing sensitive and confidential documents from the Reserve Bank.

Former President and Chief Executive Officer of Farmers Exchange Bank Charged in Superseding Indictment. A former President and Chief Executive Officer of Farmers Exchange Bank received one additional count of theft, embezzlement, or misapplication by a bank employee and 12 counts of money laundering. This superseding indictment follows a 25-count indictment that was returned by a federal grand jury on July 12, 2016.


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