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Board Report: 2015-MO-B-006 March 31, 2015

The Board Can Enhance Its Diversity and Inclusion Efforts

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Summary of Recommendations

Summary of Recommendations, OIG Report No. 2015-MO-B-006

Rec. no. Report page no. Recommendation Responsible office
1 23 Develop and implement an alternative method for collecting the demographic data of economist and research assistant applicants to improve the response rate. Divisions that recruit economists and research assistants
2 24 Ensure that the demographic data for all internal and external officer applicants are maintained in the Board's centralized applicant database. Management Division
3 30 Consider conducting annual analyses of the distribution of employee performance ratings to identify whether patterns exist that may indicate unfair or unequal treatment. If the analyses reveal patterns that may indicate unfair or unequal treatment, determine whether any actions are necessary. Management Division
4 41 Ensure that aggregate non–equal employment opportunity case statistics are provided to all Division Directors and that division-specific statistics are provided to the respective Division Director. Management Division
5 51 Finalize and implement the Board's diversity and inclusion strategic plan and ensure that
    1. the plan incorporates the agency's overall diversity and inclusion objectives.
    2. key elements of the plan are included in the Board's 2016–2019 agency strategic plan.
Office of Diversity and Inclusion
6 52 Formalize the standards the Office of Diversity and Inclusion relies on for equal employment opportunity and the racial, ethnic, and gender diversity of the workforce and the senior management of the agency. Office of Diversity and Inclusion
7 54 Ensure that No FEAR Act training
    1. is offered on a regular basis.
    2. is tailored to the Board and includes equal employment opportunity and diversity and inclusion topics in accordance with the Board's No FEAR Act Written Training Plan.
    3. is evaluated for effectiveness and that any improvements identified are incorporated into the training as needed.
    4. attendance records are retained.
Office of Diversity and Inclusion
8 56 Document the roles and responsibilities of the Office of Diversity and Inclusion and distribute them to all Board divisions. Office of Diversity and Inclusion
9 56 Partner with divisions to cooperatively develop strategies and initiatives that will help advance diversity and inclusion throughout the Board. Office of Diversity and Inclusion
10 56 Work with divisions to finalize and implement the quarterly reporting tool and establish a schedule to communicate the results for each division to the respective Division Director. The quarterly reporting tool should include diversity and inclusion activities for each division with clear objectives and corresponding measures. Office of Diversity and Inclusion
11 57 Strengthen internal controls for reporting Management Directive 715 data, to include
    1. documenting the methodology for extracting and filtering the appropriate data.
    2. verifying the accuracy and completeness of the data in the Management Directive 715 report prior to submission.
Office of Diversity and Inclusion and Management Division