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CFPB Report: 2020-MO-C-018 August 17, 2020

Results of Scoping and Suspension of the Evaluation of the Bureau's Personnel Security Program

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We began an evaluation in December 2019 to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the Bureau's personnel security program for employee and contractor background investigations. The Bureau recently completed an internal review of the program, which identified other areas for improvement, and the Office of Personnel Management launched a separate review in March 2020. Because the Bureau needs time to fully address these efforts, we are suspending our evaluation.

As part of our scoping efforts for this suspended evaluation, we found that the Bureau does not have measurable objectives to evaluate its performance related to reducing its adjudication backlog or a plan with measurable objectives to manage the background investigation process going forward. In addition, the agency does not have processes to reconcile its personnel security data.

This memorandum includes recommendations to strengthen the Bureau's performance monitoring capabilities for the personnel security program and improve processes related to data accuracy. We intend to monitor the Bureau's progress in implementing our recommendations and will assess the need to reinitiate our evaluation at a later date.