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CFPB Report: 2021-MO-C-006 March 29, 2021

The Bureau Can Strengthen Its Hiring Practices and Can Continue Its Efforts to Cultivate a Diverse Workforce

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The Bureau's human capital processes are the means to develop a talented, diverse, inclusive, and engaged workforce to support the agency's mission. We assessed the Bureau's compliance with its policies and procedures related to selected types of hiring, promotions, and other internal placements and identified any potential effects of those hiring practices on its workforce diversity.

The Bureau can strengthen its hiring processes and reduce risks associated with assessing applicants, documenting hiring actions, tracking hiring actions, and reporting excepted service positions. In addition, the Bureau's racial and ethnic diversity has increased as a percentage of its overall workforce in recent years, and we identified several practices that may help the agency continue to increase its workforce diversity.

This report contains recommendations.