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CFPB Report: 2018-FMIC-C-014 September 26, 2018

The Bureau's Travel Card Program Controls Are Generally Effective but Could Be Further Strengthened

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In conducting agency business, the Bureau reimbursed cardholders $17 million in travel-related expenses in FY 2017. We determined whether the agency's controls are effectively designed and operating to prevent illegal, improper, or erroneous travel card spending.

We concluded that the Bureau's controls are generally effective but could be stronger. In a few cases, cardholders received duplicative reimbursements when traveling to more than one destination in a day. In a few others, cardholders received reimbursements for unallowable expenses incurred during leave while on official travel.

Our report contains recommendations to help ensure the integrity of the Bureau's travel card program by clarifying rules and adding more controls.