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CFPB Report: 2020-SR-C-002 March 2, 2020

The Bureau's Office of Enforcement Has Centralized and Improved Its Final Order Follow-Up Activities, but Additional Resources and Guidance Are Needed

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When the Bureau identifies a federal consumer financial protection law violation, the agency or a court can issue final orders requiring the defendants to pay monetary penalties and face additional oversight. As of April 2019, the agency's Office of Enforcement was responsible for monitoring defendants' compliance with final orders containing more than 3,000 provisions. We evaluated how effectively Enforcement monitors and conducts follow-up on final orders.

Enforcement has implemented some effective practices, such as establishing a centralized team and a database to track compliance with final orders, but it can make further improvements. For example, Enforcement can ensure it has the resources necessary to complete follow-up activities according to its expectations and can clarify information on the Bureau's website on the status of public enforcement actions.

This report contains recommendations.