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Board Report: 2019-MO-B-012 September 25, 2019

Leveraging Certain Strategies May Help the Board Timely Implement and Sustain Enterprisewide Workforce Planning

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The Board's highly specialized workforce is critical to achieving the agency's mission to foster the nation's financial stability and economic performance. Workforce planning can help ensure that the right people are in the right places at the right number, time, and cost to execute that mission. We evaluated challenges facing the Board's workforce planning efforts and lessons learned from other organizations.

Although the Board has made initial progress in implementing enterprisewide workforce planning, it faces four operational challenges: resources, data and information, time, and process ownership. Through benchmarking, we identified several strategies that may help the Board mitigate these challenges, such as dedicating sufficient resources and focusing on mission-critical roles.

Our report contains recommendations to help the Board timely implement and sustain enterprisewide workforce planning.