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Board Report:  February 22, 2021

Calendar Year 2019 Risk Assessment of the Board’s Government Travel Card Program

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Board travel cards were used for 26,149 transactions totaling some $9.8 million in 2019. We analyzed the risks of illegal, improper, or erroneous purchases and payments.

The results of our assessment show that the risk of illegal, improper, or erroneous use in the Board's travel card program is low. A risk level of low means that illegal, improper, or erroneous use is unlikely to occur and that such an occurrence would be expected to have a minimal effect on current operations and long-term objectives. Nonetheless, the Board's Travel section should continue to take appropriate actions to ensure proper oversight of its program. As a result of the low risk level, we will not include an audit of the Board's government travel card program in our 2021 audit plan.