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Board Report: 2014-FMIC-B-009 June 30, 2014

The Board Should Enhance Its Policies and Procedures Related to Conference Activities

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Summary of Recommendations, OIG Report No. 2014-FMIC-B-009

Rec. no. Report page no. Recommendation Responsible office
1 5 Ensure that a written solicitation of bids is obtained for conference-related single purchases of $25,000 to $49,999. Division of Financial Management
2 8 Provide additional clarity on divisions' responsibilities for maintaining records and supporting documentation related to Board-sponsored conference activities. Office of the Secretary
3 11 Coordinate with Visitor Services to clarify in the Official Meals Expenses Policy the process divisions should follow to request approval to use non-Board facilities. The updated guidance should identify:
    1. information to be included in the request.
    2. responsibility for retaining the supporting documentation.
Management Division
4 11 Amend the food and beverage request form to include fields for the following information:
    1. the date the form was submitted.
    2. a list of invitees.
Management Division
5 11 Update the Official Meals Expenses Policy to include the following requirements:
    1. if circumstances necessitate the extension of alcohol service beyond the 90-minute limit, Food Services or the division hosting the event should document the reason for the extension and document that proper approval was obtained.
    2. specify who has the authority to approve the extension of alcohol service beyond the 90-minute limit.
Management Division