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Board Report: 2022-MO-B-001 January 31, 2022

The Board Can Enhance Its Personnel Security Program

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The Board's Personnel Security Services section is responsible for background investigations and security clearances for all Board employees and contractors. We assessed the efficiency and effectiveness of PSS's process and controls for these tasks.

The Board can enhance its personnel security program. We found that PSS has not defined specific objectives to measure program performance. In addition, PSS did not always follow its position risk designation process or conduct investigations at the appropriate tier for Board employees. PSS also did not have a process to review and reconcile data in its case management system and did not always approve security clearance access request forms in a timely manner. Lastly, PSS did not have a process to document its annual validation of clearance holders' need for continued access to classified information and did not always document the validation attempt prior to initiating a reinvestigation.

This report contains recommendations.