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Board Report: 2020-MO-B-011 March 25, 2020

The Board Can Strengthen Its Oversight of the Protective Services Unit and Improve Controls for Certain Protective Services Unit Processes

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The mission of the Board's Protective Services Unit is to use highly trained staff and a fully array of protection measures to ensure the physical security of the Board chair at all times. We assessed an internal evaluation of the PSU's operations and evaluated the PSU's compliance with certain policies and procedures.

The Board's internal evaluation of PSU operations generally complied with its guidance. However, reviewers did not confirm whether the credentials of separated agents had been destroyed and documented, nor did they complete a section of a checklist that applies to certain aspects of the PSU's operations. In addition, while the PSU complied with components of its policies and procedures regarding protection measures and protective intelligence, it does not have procedures related to vehicle maintenance, does not require driving refresher training for special agents, and did not consistently maintain records of destroyed credentials for separated agents.

This report contains recommendations.