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Board Report: 2014-AE-B-007 March 31, 2014

Opportunities Exist for the Board to Improve Recordkeeping, Cost Estimation, and Cost Management Processes for the Martin Building Construction and Renovation Project

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Appendix B: The Board's Strategic Themes

The Board’s Annual Performance Report 2012 identifies six strategic themes that focus on the actions necessary to meet mandates of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act, to address the challenge of ensuring financial stability, to close cross-disciplinary knowledge gaps, to develop appropriate policy, and to continue addressing the recovery of the fragile global economy.

The following six themes will guide investment and action over the Board’s 2012–2015 planning period:

  1. Supervision, Regulation, and Financial Stability—Continue building a robust interdisciplinary infrastructure for regulation, supervision, and monitoring risks to financial stability.
  2. Data Governance—Redesign data governance and management processes to enhance the Board’s data environment.
  3. Facilities Infrastructure—Establish a modern, safe work environment that emphasizes the need to maintain data quality and integrity and the importance of enhanced collaboration within the organization and with the public.
  4. Maximizing the Value of Human Capital—Create a work environment built on market-oriented compensation and support for professional and personal achievement that allows the Board to attract and retain top talent while reinforcing collegiality.
  5. Management Processes—Strengthen management processes to enable effective implementation of strategic themes, increase operating efficiencies, and reduce administrative burden.
  6. Cost Reduction and Budgetary Growth—Establish a cost-reduction approach and a budgetary-growth target that maintains an effective and efficient use of financial resources.