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Board Report: 2013-AE-B-016 September 30, 2013

The Board Should Improve Procedures for Preparing for and Responding to Emergency Events

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Appendix B Floor Warden Survey Results

In December 2012, we developed a nine-question survey for floor wardens covering topics dealing with floor warden training and emergency preparedness. The survey also provided space for optional comments. We used the floor warden roster on the Board's Emergency Preparedness website to distribute the survey. The roster included 158 floor wardens, but we found that 7 of those employees no longer worked at the Board. Of the 7 former employees, 2 had transferred to Reserve Banks; therefore, their e-mail addresses were still active and they received the survey. In total, we distributed 153 surveys. The compiled responses from the 73 floor wardens who responded are shown below.

Questions Number Percent
What building do you work in?
  Martin/Eccles 39 53
  New York Avenue 10 14
  Leased office space 24 33
Are you familiar with the contents of the Board's Occupant Emergency Plan?
  Yes 57 78
  No 16 22
How would you rate the quality of information in the Occupant Emergency Plan?
  More than adequate 13 18
  Generally adequate 43 59
  Less than adequate 1 1
  Never read it 16 22
Have you completed floor warden training presented by the Emergency Preparedness Bureau in the last year?
  Yes, and I have worked at the Board for over a year 47 64
  Yes, and I have worked at the Board for less than a year 2 3
  No, and I have worked at the Board for over a year 23 32
  No, and I have worked at the Board for less than a year 1 1
Have you been involved in any of the drills listed below in the last year?
  Yes, a fire drill 34 47
  Yes, a shelter in place 1 1
  Yes, a fire drill and a shelter in place 21 29
  No 17 23
Do you know where all of the exit routes on your floor are located?
  Yes 67 92
  No 6 8
Have you walked down all of the emergency stairs to the exit doors on the street level from your work place?
  Yes 51 70
  No 22 30
Do you feel that there is enough floor warden coverage in your area of the floor?
  Yes 59 81
  No 14 19
Do you feel comfortable with your duties to be a floor warden?
  Yes 60 82
  No 13 18