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Board Report: 2013-AE-B-016 September 30, 2013

The Board Should Improve Procedures for Preparing for and Responding to Emergency Events

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Summary of Recommendations, OIG Report No. 2013-AE-B-016

Rec. no. Report page no. Recommendation Responsible office
1 7 Require the Crisis Leadership Team to convene in evacuation drills, regardless of duration. Chief Operating Officer
2 7 Develop a Board policy for approval by the Executive Committee of the Board that requires each division to account for employees immediately after drills and emergencies. Management Division
3 7 Develop specific procedures for full-scale tabletop exercises, conduct tabletop exercises, and develop a formal process for reporting the results to the Executive Committee of the Board for review. Management Division
4 11 Regularly provide records of completed floor warden training to all Board division directors and emphasize to them the need to have trained floor wardens to assist in evacuations. Management Division
5 11 Develop a Board policy for approval by the Executive Committee of the Board that requires Board division directors to
  1. recruit floor wardens from their own divisions to fill floor warden vacancies.
  2. enforce floor warden training compliance.
Management Division
6 11 Ensure that the Law Enforcement Unit reconciles the floor warden roster with Board personnel records and Safety Bureau training records on a biannual basis. Management Division
7 13 Establish a mechanism by which Board employees working in leased office space will receive critical information simultaneously and in a timely manner. Management Division