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Board Report: 2013-AA-B-006 March 29, 2013

Controls over the Board's Purchase Card Program Can Be Strengthened

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Summary of Recommendations, Report No. 2013-AA-B-006

Rec. no. Report page no. Recommendation Responsible office
1 12 Update the Purchase Card Procedures to
  • require initial and periodic training for approving officials
  • require periodic training for cardholders
  • ensure that approving officials' responsibilities for reviewing documentation during monthly reviews of cardholders' transactions are aligned with cardholders' responsibilities for retaining documentation on purchases
  • refer to reports and tools for reconciling transactions provided by the current card issuer
Division of Financial Management
2 13 Ensure that the program coordinator
  • provides training at regular intervals to approving officials and cardholders to ensure that they are aware of their duties and responsibilities
  • reviews employee separation reports to maintain an accurate listing of approving officials
  • conducts sufficient and timely cardholder and division reviews of the Board's purchase card program to ensure compliance with policy and procedures and reduce the risk that unauthorized and fraudulent purchases may go undetected
Division of Financial Management
3 18 Ensure that the program coordinator strengthens the controls to prevent and detect unauthorized purchase card transactions by
  • reviewing and updating the list of allowable, flagged, and blocked merchant category codes
  • conducting regular reviews of card issuer reports of suspicious and failed transactions and providing notice to cardholders' managers as appropriate
Division of Financial Management