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Board Report: 2020-FMIC-B-012 March 30, 2020

The Board Can Improve Its Contract Administration Processes

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The Board awarded nearly $450 million in contracts for goods and services in 2018. We assessed the Board's compliance with laws, regulations, and Board policies and procedures for contract administration, as well as the effectiveness of its internal controls. We focused on the Board's contract administration processes from postaward to contract closeout.

The Board can improve its contract administration processes and related internal controls. Specifically, it lacks an effective performance management approach for contracting officer's representatives, who are not always fulfilling their duties. Additionally, contracting officer's representatives do not appear to be adequately trained. Further, contracting officers did not (1) extend standard purchase orders as required by policy and (2) enter complete and accurate contract information into the relevant database. Lastly, the Board does not have a comprehensive contract closeout process that ensures all goods and services satisfy contract terms.

This report contains recommendations.