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Board Report: 2014-IT-B-018 October 30, 2014

The Board Can Better Coordinate Its Contingency Planning and Continuity of Operations Program

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Summary of Recommendations

Summary of Recommendations, OIG Report No. 2014-IT-B-018

Rec. no. Report page no. Recommendation Responsible office
1 5 Develop strategies to implement across the Board's divisions all the necessary aspects of the Board's continuity of operations program. Management Division
2 10 Develop a Test, Training, and Exercise program, a reconstitution plan, and a devolution plan for the Board's continuity of operations program, in accordance with the guidance provided in Federal Continuity Directive 1. Management Division
3 10 Perform a comprehensive Business Process Analysis to identify and prioritize all the inputs and outputs that are necessary to perform the Board's Mission-essential Functions. Management Division
4 10 Ensure that the Board's Volume I and II continuity of operations programs correctly reflect all activities, inputs and outputs, and systems that are required for the Board to resume its Mission-essential Functions. Management Division